Us at Disney World Spring Break 2009
Jason and I met in Sept. 2006 after I moved to Greensboro, NC to complete my Masters in Electrical Engineering. He was getting his B.S in Electrical Engineering. We met while working at Wal-Mart in the break room. We realized we both had a lot in common (We both was getting degrees in Engineering, we both just transferred for other Wal-Marts, We both drove the same car and we were both generally nice and quiet people. :-) So we hit it off and became friends. We "chilled" for a while and made it official around May of 2007 and then we broke up in Sept of 2007. LOL! We ended up getting back together in March of 2008 and now we are happy than ever.  We love to travel and to just be around each other. We also like to go to the movies and out to eat.

I am currently working on My PhD in Electrical Engineering and he completed his B.S. in May 2010.
We have agree to get married and have already set the date. But we are not officially engaged yet. I am just patiently waiting for the ring. LOL! Oh believe me, EVERYONE will know when he proposes! :-)